Here at The Siren, we’re hardly the sporting types. Nevertheless, we’ve been looking forward to Varsity since the beginning of the year. Hailed as the highlight of a Swansea student’s year, Varsity is now in its 15th incarnation, and the rugby match is due to take place in the Millennium Stadium tonight!

The weather may be following in the grand rainy South Wales tradition, but we won’t let it dampen our spirits as we travel to Cardiff for all the Varsity action. We’re not exactly qualified for sport commentary, as none of the team has the first idea about sporting rules, let alone how to comment on a team’s performance (and it probably doesn’t help that Elena Cresci seems to think rugby is just a prelude to an MMA bout, shouting “HIT HIIIIIM!” every time a scrum takes place) so we’d like to direct you to Swansea’s student radio station, Xtreme Radio, for all your Varsity needs. If you’re unable to make it to Cardiff today and don’t want to miss out on the Varsity action, then get listening to Xtreme so you can catch up with all the results from what is set to be an epic Varsity.