Monday the 21st may have meant hustings for all of Swansea’s Sabbatical Candidates, but for me, Monday was D-Day, so those candidates who had set up their campaigning patch outside Keir Hardie witnessed my very special dance as I came out of the building. Finally, after months of research, stressing and writing, my Dissertation was done and dusted. Relieved doesn’t even cover it.

You could say I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite some time, and you’d assume it’s time for me to kick back and relax with all that hard work done. Fat bloody chance. Two tests and a presentation next week meant a fair bit of work anyway, but on top of that, Monday was pretty much the middle of campaign week, meaning news deadlines, blogging and vlogging action galore.

I’ll have to hold my hands up and say that I’m a pretty stressy person, and I’m probably pretty  stressful to work with. Let’s face it, I can be a bit of a control freak, to the point where this monster takes over and bites everyone’s heads off. Sometimes it feels like my life is like The Devil Wears Prada. Like Sammy said today when I was stressing out over our How to Vote video, “You cannot possibly stress out over every single thing that comes your way!” The problem is I do, especially if I care a lot about something.

Easter won’t bring about much relaxing either. For the first two weeks, I’ll essentially be working 7 days a week, splitting my time between my part-time job and work experience. The crazy part is, I genuinely can’t wait. It’s come to the point where I kind of hate having nothing to do, though that unfortunately leads to my biting off more than I can chew on some occasions. Balancing out all the various commitments in my life has been a bit of a challenge these past few weeks, but with the D-word out of the way, things will become much easier.

The fact is, the real people who should be wringing their palms and stressing out are the various Sabbatical candidates, as tomorrow is results day. I have to say, I’m mighty impressed with how well everyone and their campaign teams have kept their cool and ridden this week through. I need to take a leaf out of their books and take a chill pill, there’s no doubt about that!

In fact, tomorrow I’ll be taking a back seat in the election coverage, as Sammy shall be helming all the Liveblogging action until I join the team later in the evening. There’s no doubt in my mind, she will do a fantastic job along with the rest of The Siren election team, who shall be working with my fellow Waterfront hacks to get the best election coverage possible.

Be sure to check back here for our Liveblog documenting our Sabbatical candidates’ D-Day. The Liveblog starts at 5.00pm, so click the banner for all the action and results from the last day of campaign week!