Saturday means one thing for most of us: post-Tooters hangover and a much-needed trip to your favourite hangover hideout. Our esteemed editors are fans of Uplands Diner, home of the Beast, but resident Siren foodie Roisin O’Connor thought perhaps the other all-day breakfast delights of Swansea should be given a chance to shine. Could there be a believable contender to the beloved Diner?

Dylan Moran rightly said that not one person has phoned a kebab shop in the middle of the night, completely wasted, and said, “I want a radish! I dunno why, I just need one!”

It’s the unhealthy stuff that we want whenever we’ve been drinking, which is why you see students staggering out of kebab shops clutching a piece of doner meat in the same way a person might hold the Holy Grail. It’s also why when you wake up at say, two in the afternoon, clutching your head and swearing that you’ll never drink again, that you get a craving for a traditional fry-up.

Me and a friend generally save Friday or Saturday mornings as the day we wander around the market doing the week’s shopping, and every couple of weeks we pick a café for breakfast as well. This column has given those breakfasts a bit more of a purpose: now I’m trying to find the best and cheapest deals around town so you can try and fight off that mother of all hangovers.

This week we opted for Sam’s Café near Wilkinson’s. As we walked in the first thing we noticed was the layout: the pale walls, old-fashioned carpet and bland pine-imitation tables reminded Josh of a hospital and I had to agree, though thankfully the place didn’t smell like one. There was a nice mix of people; the place seemed busy but not so much that you couldn’t find anywhere to sit, and it wasn’t too loud either- helpful if your head is still pounding.

There were three options for breakfast- the Special (£3.45), the all-day, (£4.95) and the vegetarian option, all of which included tea or coffee, and there were also extras which included black pudding (£1 for two slices- Josh tried this one), toast/fried bread (50p), and mushrooms, (£1.50). Josh had the special breakfast which is served until 11.30am, and I had the all-day one which is served… all day. Duh. We did check out the veg option for any vegetarians reading this and it was fairly basic, basically the all-day breakfast but without the meat.

Both our meals turned up about seven minutes after we ordered them, with mugs of tea coming a lot earlier which was great. The staff are friendly and incredibly efficient, and were only too happy to get us a couple of extra sachets of HP sauce when we asked. The food itself is pretty good- Josh is turning in to a bit of a breakfast snob but I agree it could have been better. The all-day breakfast is two rashers of bacon, one sausage, an egg, hash brown, toast, fried potatoes, and beans or tomatoes or half and half- if you do half and half you still get loads of beans and a nice few slices of tomato. The hash brown and the black pudding were both a little overdone but the fried potatoes were a nice alternative to chips and the bacon seemed like the good stuff they sell at the market.

Overall we decided to give the place 8/10 for a good breakfast with generous helpings and a nice, chilled out atmosphere with great staff, where the muted colours are probably best when the last thing you want is a load of bright lights in your face.

Have a happy hangover!

Got a hangover hideout you think Roisin should check out? Comment below, tweet, facebook or e-mail us: we’re all ears!