When you’re a student, asking for student discount comes almost as second nature, so naturally, when it comes to housing, you’ll opt for the cheapest option. So if you’re offered a deal where you get your TV licence, water, internet and Sky + included in the cost of your already cheap enough rent, then of course, you’ll snap it up. Having been in University for going on four years, and rented a new place every one of those years, this is a process I’ve experienced enough times!

My fourth house is indeed all-inclusive, but the perks have come with their fair share of problems, and I mean a lot of problems. The police have been around more times than I can count, each time for a different reason. We’ve had a credit card fraudster, council tax evader and two burglaries so far.  I keep telling myself it really can’t get any worse.  Yet it does.  I seem to be having the worst luck ever this year what with my car being smashed in to and written off, a dead laptop, two nicked phones and a camera going mysteriously missing.

This morning, I was in A&E with a scarf tied around my leg.  Why the scarf you ask? Funny story; the shower door came off its hinge, slammed in to the radiator, bounced back and gashed my leg open.  I then fell out of the shower in excruciating pain with a chunk out on my leg, bleeding profusely. Thank god my housemates were still at home, and better yet, they have first aid experience. My leg was cleaned up and bandaged… with a scarf. We’d run out of bandages.  It wasn’t all bad; after a quick trip to Singleton Hospital where my leg was bandaged properly, I was bought a Woody Pez Dispenser and lunch at Pizza Hut. Score!

The point is, with all these problems we’ve been having I’m not so sure if the whole “our rent is so beautifully cheap” line works anymore.  This time of year, Freshers are looking to move out of halls and in to a proper house, as Evey Moriarty discussed in her first column. My advice as a seasoned pro is to check the house that you’re viewing THOROUGHLY.  Check that windows open and close, that all bedrooms have locks and that they work, the boiler is in good condition, the electrical items look decent and there is no damp coming through the walls.  Whoever is showing you around these properties should be more than happy to let you check these things out.  If anything, feel free to email the Welfare Officer, Lance Horsey (welfareofficer@swansea-union.co.uk), with any concerns you may have, or Community and Housing Executive Charlotte Britton (community@swansea-union.co.uk), as housing is her speciality! So make sure you pay a visit to your Student Union if you do need some good sound advice.  They’re here for you, so make sure you take advantage of them!


My leg hurts and I have a lot of work to do but I’m extremely glad that it wasn’t any worse than my leg… like my face.  Until then, hopefully (touch wood) nothing else happens because hey, it can’t get any worse!