Ever wondered where your degree could take you or what you’re actually planning to do in the very near future after University… no? Our guest blogger Beth Mead explores the different ways you could bulk up that CV and the opportunities that are on offer at just a stone’s throw away!

by Beth Mead

Listen up students! Life right now may be full of nights out, regular visits to the pub and freedom away from the parents, but have you thought about when it all ends and the dreaded graduation day finally arrives? All you third years are probably at this stage either bricking it, or starting to make plans – and I don’t blame you! (The ones who are bricking it). Let’s face facts, the UK isn’t exactly in the best shape for fresh graduates at the moment, but there are some brilliant ways of building up the dusty old CV that you last updated during the summer!

One of the best ways to build up your CV during your degree is work experience and Internships. A great site featured under ‘Careers’ on the Uni website is Rate my Placement. (http://www.ratemyplacement.co.uk/)

“A resource for students, universities and employers involved in work placements and internships.  This site provides students with peer-to-peer insights and information in the form of structured reviews, blogs and advice.  You can search for placements as well as submitting reviews of your own experiences in work experience placements”.

Attending workshops which are run around the University in different disciplines are always a good laugh. It’s the law to drag one of your friends along, and can actually do wonders in letting off some steam away from essays and piles of books. So check your Uni e-mail accounts, and look out for workshops around the campus.

Another great way to build up your CV is joining University clubs or societies. It’s never too late to join! Getting yourself really involved and achieving something is a brilliant one to add to your CV because it shows employers you’re active, and don’t mind doing extra work or going that extra mile. Also of course, many projects in and around the university, or even in the wider Swansea area benefit many other people. Just ask around or search online.

Taking a visit to the careers desk in the library is a no-brainer; you’d be an idiot not to because of the advice and options available – which will help in making choices later on a lot easier. Personally I didn’t find a careers meeting with one of the advisors particularly helpful because I had no clue which area of my subject I wanted to go into! So a word of advice, do some research online, look at different careers and subjects you find interesting, and just do some preparation in general – only if you’re still unsure of course! The Swansea careers page is also helpful with links to job databases aimed at graduates and undergraduates (http://www.swan.ac.uk/careers/jobs/).

Swansea University organizes an ‘Employers’ Talks Programme’, which you can register for online (under ‘What’s Happening’ on the Careers homepage). These will also provide good advice if you’re unsure of which direction you want to head in.

There are many options and paths to go down once graduating; never feel like your doomed to the dole! A few of my friends love Swansea so much they’ve decided to just get full time jobs in the public sector and simply stay here. Many graduates I know have decided to go back home and find a job relating to their degree instead. There is always the option of moving as well, to where there are better job opportunities, either in the UK, or even abroad like I did (maybe not so far as Asia-Pacific though!). For those of your who simply aren’t ready to fly the University nest yet, there are always Postgraduate options of course! Postgraduate open day is Wednesday 9th March which begins in The Digital Technium, Atrium. The day will consist of discussing funding options, courses and meeting some Postgrads who have been there and done it.

So in summary, open yourselves to different options, do a bit of research and try your best to plan ahead! (It will make your life so much easier!).