Last week was my 22nd birthday and I think it’s safe to say that I’m not a teenager anymore.  It’s also safe to say that getting a large group of people you don’t know to do the same dance move to the Ghostbusters theme tune was sheer genius.  But now it’s crunch time (again) and whereas last semester consisted of handing in about 20,000 words this semester seems to be piling it on even more.  For this term I have chosen to do Art of the Short Story, Radio Writing and Screen Writing. What you will notice is that I did not opt for Poetry a second time around.  Unfortunately I am one of those people who can’t write in that beautiful, flowery sort of way and prefer the more immature, dark humour take on things.

Script writing is definitely my thing but Screen Writing is a whole other kettle of fish.  Instead of just writing a script gung-ho and just seeing where it takes you, we actually have to be a bit more professional.  This involves you having to have already thought of a name for your film/series/drama and whilst also assuring your lecturer that it truly is an original and nothing you have nicked from Friends/Scrubs/24, you have to then write a summary of the whole idea, a page description of each of your protagonists and finally a scene by scene run through of what’s supposed to happen.  I really have no idea what I’m going to write… surely everything in the world has already been done?  I could do the whole British Asian cinema take as that’s been getting pretty popular lately what with films like East is East, Bend it Like Beckham and the amazing Four Lions.

Most people think radio is the most boring thing you could possibly listen to, unless it’s blaring out music you like.  I agree with those people.  I can’t stand listening to most of the plays because they were made for an audience who are much older than I am.  Suffice to say, I am actually enjoying the workshop itself and learning about writing in a different medium.  Radio can take you anywhere if you do it right.  In this week’s class we had a short play of two spiders escaping a villainous woman with a rolled up Heat magazine.  It’s easier to believe through sound rather than seeing a poorly done CGI of a spider on television.

Short Story on the other hand seems like a lot less work.  Sounds great but the amount of theory we’re doing at the moment kind of makes me want to sleep.  Who wants to analyse and critique Chekov for two hours?  I hate Chekov.  I’d rather be honing my writing skills and trying new things out if I’m honest.  I’m not paying a ridiculous amount to have to sit there reading boring extracts and talking about them.  At the end of it, I could probably do a 3,000 word essay on Chekov.  I really hate Chekov.

We’ll be getting our marks back from last term’s work efforts and I’ll let you know how I did… maybe.  We’re also having our stage and radio plays performed in the Dylan Thomas Centre soon by professional actors and I am more than excited to see my work in action!  But for now it’s back to work, wurk, werk for me!