It’s turning into one of those weeks. It started with the misguided decision to do an all-nighter fuelled by a disgusting amount of caffeine and desperation to get a dissertation chapter done before Tuesday. Needless to say, the chapter was a pile of drivel; around trots Tuesday, and it turns out that the chapter isn’t due until a week later after all. Add to that the latest edition of The Waterfront this week, which included a glaring typo right in the middle of my first printed comment column. Wednesday definitely hasn’t brought about any better luck. I made the rookie error of leaving my wallet lying around in the library, and, unsurprisingly, it got pinched.

An incredibly accurate, low-budget reenactment

Yeah, the blues have got me good and proper this week. My dissertation is going nowhere, I’m stressing about my postgraduate applications and I have a tonne of work  I’ve barely touched. Slowly but surely I can feel myself becoming one of those people. You know the ones – you avoid them in the library because they may corner you with some inane question about bibliographies, and you know by the look in their eyes if your answer is unsatisfactory you may not leave the referencing section alive. Classic signs to look for are dark circles under the eyes, caffeine induced twitching and key words relating to their dissertation muttered under their breath.

To be quite honest though, I’d much rather be that kind of student than the kind who pilfers stray wallets from the library! I feel like such an idiot for having left it lying around, but I doubt I’m the only one who’s left their stuff unattended in the library. Despite being visibly distraught (read: fuming), my accompanying friend couldn’t help but mock how “saddened” he was by my misfortune, although for entirely different reasons than you would expect. “This is terrible. I’ll no longer be able to leave my stuff flung around the library!” he whined. “It was like a second home to me, but now, well, I just don’t feel safe anymore!” His wisecracks were much appreciated (read: answered with a flying book).

I had to admit though, his jokes uncovered some truths, as I know for a fact he leaves his belongings strewn across library desks unattended on far too regular a basis.From what the security guards were telling me, it seems students do feel a little bit too secure with our things in the library. They told of laptops being left for extended periods of time, student cards forgotten in the card readers and, of course, wallets wandering around without their owners, just begging to be stolen.

We’re fortunate to have a great security team on hand, who not only tracked down footage of the culprit stealing the wallet, but also got some great pictures of her leaving the library, meaning the police know exactly what she looks like. So here’s my advice : if you do get something stolen while in the library, the lovely people at Library and Campus Security will go out of their way to help you out.

My friend may joke about the library being a second home, but there’s some truth in it; I’ve been spending so much time in the library, it almost does feel like I live there. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way – look after your stuff in the library! Replacing my cards haven’t helped my final year blues one bit.