Life, the universe and everything… but what’s the answer to it all?  Not 42 clearly.  I take life as it comes and so try not worry about any future occurrences, future Sammy can deal with that.  This is my last year of university and I have to say it is quite depressing to think that I’m old.  I had a lovely conversation with a taxi driver who asked if I was going to celebrate the up-coming Varsity spectacle.  I told him that I felt out of place compared to all the younger students plaguing the place.  When he told me that he’d kill to be 22, shed light on the fact that he has nine children and then told me that he was about to become a grandfather I sincerely apologised and congratulated him instead.

When you find that you would rather stay indoors to watch television and chat to your mates rather than shouting over blaring chart music as you avoid getting drinks spilled on you and your feet from being trodden on, that’s when it hits you that you’re maturing.  Only a little bit though.  It’s a subtle change that you’ll hardly notice as the years go by.  I can’t understand how some of the girls can leave their houses with the lack of clothes they have on, don’t get me wrong, if you’ve got it by all means flaunt it.  But it makes me so much more colder to look at them.  How do you do it?  This doesn’t make me not want to enjoy myself mind you!  Not only am I older, but I’m wiser through experience and that is why I’m awesome.  For instance, put wet wipes and tissues into your bag because at some point during the night you will thank yourself that you thought of doing it in the first place.  Yes I admit on many occasions I do prefer the warmth of a house and the snug feeling of a duvet wrapped around me, or eating lots of my house mate’s mash whilst doing our usual Monday evening of Glee, America’s Next Top Model and Four Weddings.  Don’t judge me, because boy can I keep up with the rest of you and still make it to my 9am the next day… without falling asleep and dribbling over the desk.

So it’s the 15th anniversary of Varsity between Swansea University and Cardiff University, the inevitable clash of Green vs. Red this year will be the biggest yet.  Maybe you’ll be part of the famous Green & White Army tonight as you wear the university colours and streak war paint across your face.  So patriotic we are, it’s fantastic.  It’s that one time of year we feel united as a university and feel the need to tell the whole of Swansea about it whilst trudging the streets at 4am, kebab in hand and singing (I mean slurring) a song you just made up.  I have to admit that I have never been to a single Varsity match in my years at Swansea (I know… I know) but this year things will be different!  Heck, I may feel old but I’ll be damned if I don’t complete my university experience properly.  I WILL be sporting that ever important t-shirt and supporting my university when we invade Cardiff… will you?