As it’s “Refreshers” it can only mean one thing – the start of a new term at this ugly, lovely university.  Just being a little curious as to what’s on offer around these parts The Siren went to check it out…

I may not be part of any societies but I’m an honorary member of quite a few of them.  Take the Fencing club for example, I have never been to a single fencing class and yet have managed to have been dragged out for a lot of their socials.  As usual the Fencers are always looking for more girls to join the society as there are so few compared to the boys.  Along with the Jiu Jitsu club, which fellow editor and writer Elena Cresci is Captain of, I attended one try-out and never went back (sorry Elena!) but have enjoyed many a celebration with them.  Not to mention celebrating a true Thanksgiving with the American Studies society, which I do not study neither do I really understand what Thanksgiving is even about.  The American Studies society itself however is a great way to learn from the older students who have already done things like their year abroad and can give advice on their experiences on their time in both university and in America.

I have possibly told a little fib.  In my first year I did actually join the Visual Arts society, which I have to say was fun learning how to swing around poi correctly but the best part was the chill-out sessions down the beach front where you could watch amazing fire displays that the more… experienced lot would put on for everyone.  I guess you could say I’m part of Swansea University’s LGBT society due to knowing previous presidents and have helped out with their National Amnesty projects which you may have seen whilst walking around the campus.

For most of you that don’t know, the Drama society also goes by the name of The Shoreline Theatre.  They have put devised many of their own fantastic pieces by budding writers and directors usually performed in Monkeybar Cafe to raise money for all sorts of charities or at The Dylan Thomas Centre for more upscale productions.  Though I’m not really into the acting side of Theatre anymore, I still enjoy watching the performances, helping them learn their lines and generally assisting with the creation of props.  The Drama society is for anyone with a passion for the Theatre and has roles for just about anybody, as usual they’re always looking for new, fresh talent to join them.

So you’re on a night out, drinking, having a good time and feel the urge to start throwing some shapes.  This is usually a bad idea when inebriated of course, but have you ever bumped into the Dance society on one of their socials?  It’s like nothing has affected their moves whatsoever.  And if you’re really interested in learning some new skills and meeting some new people then check out their Facebook and give them a shout.  They offer up to 20 different dance-style classes for a range of abilities, so whether you’re a beginner or at a more advanced level or just want to try something more diverse and even get into shape then these are the people for you.  Maybe in the future you’ll see me there attempting to brush up on my own dancing… maybe!