So after my hefty work load I’m feeling… what’s the word?  Pooped, to put it lightly.  I’m not gonna lie, I am shattered.  I’ve been spending my days sleeping and I would like to say that it has been bliss but alas, it has not.  Unfortunately I have cricked my neck in such a way that it is making it extremely uncomfortable to sleep properly.  I can’t remember the last time I had so much work to do, over the summer it seems, I have lost my knack for writing and so getting back into the swing of things has become somewhat difficult.

Now being a Postgraduate I am allowed access to the Postgraduate rooms, so as to help my studies go as smoothly as possible.  It is however, almost impossible to find space in these rooms sometimes so I am confined to my room most days with my housemates wondering where I am and if I am alive.  I usually keep them updated via Facebook on my handy BlackBerry, which is the best thing about it.  I have everything to hand when I need it.  Especially when on the trains I can spend the entire journey glued to my phone.

I am lucky, what with the rise in tuition fees that I pay a cheaper price for my Postgraduate study.  With the lack of help from Student Finance, I have resorted to making pleas to my bank to help me out a little more and so they have funded me some money toward it, only a little though.  Still, I’m grateful for that much.  It has not been unheard of for (mainly) Postgraduate students to have a part-time job to help pay their tuition fees for the year (or two years if studying part-time).  Every weekend is met with a train ride home so that I may work; barely getting a chance to do any work as the life-force has been sucked out of me after a usual nine hours of a work.

Should we, as Postgraduates get more help with funding?  Yes.  Most of us struggle finding jobs because there is such a lack of them going around with the current market.  SUSU Education Officer Luke James writes in his blog about the funding and finance for Postgraduate students the Welsh way.  I believe that this is a fantastic idea and hopefully will be taken into account sooner rather than later, whilst its fruition in the future remains to be seen, the NUS are working tirelessly on our behalf.  In retrospect, I am glad to have been working since I was sixteen as I usually have some money to put toward food and the rent.

Speaking of rent and accommodation… the state of my room is slowly worsening.  Papers are everywhere.  I have woken up some mornings with them stuck to my face or finding them wrapped up and crushed inside my duvet at times.  I don’t remember how they got there.  I’ve been a student for four years now and my floor is still littered with clothes.  I do tidy when I get the chance, but they find their way back.  I like to call it “organised mess.”