It goes without saying that we here at The Siren love Swansea, but the Swansea we know during term-time is a very different one in the holidays… Editor Sammy Siddique headed back early to get her head down and do some work and here writes about Swansea’s transformation into the ghost town…

It’s quiet.  Too quiet.  The leaves are blowing around Swansea having the time of their life, the rain and wind have been non-stop since the snow but that’s ok for most.  Swansea’s students still have some time before gracing this ugly, lovely town once more.  Because Swansea is such a small place in comparison to its rival Cardiff, once the students have left for the Christmas holidays, it’s reduced to a quieter (and possibly cleaner) version of the raucous Swansea we all know and love.  The streets are not littered with last night’s takeaway boxes or cigarette butts, there are currently no walks of shames to be seen at midday to point and snigger at as you drive past them and there are no 9am’s to be had.  For the residents of Swansea itself, this is surely the best time for them to relax and get a better night’s sleep without much to be disturbed by.

On the other hand, one has to feel sorry for the taxis, takeaways, shop owners, bars and clubs.  These are the most frequently used services by students and without them their business must be dwindling during such holidays.  There are some students, like myself who prefer being away from home when they have a large work load to do and can make use of a quieter library.  The joke being that during term time, the library is more like an internet café.  Hot drinks, food, Facebook and inane chatter usually fill the air, but at the moment it’s only small whispers and mumblings of those who tend to talk to themselves.

Being in a ghost town during these times can be somewhat boring, you’re sitting at home and hoping another one of your housemates will come through the door and the insanity of term time can start again.  Whilst not everyone likes lectures, essays or early mornings, it sure is worth it to be here when it’s full of life and you’re fighting your way through the campus at 9am through throngs of students because you’re already late.  Or is that a bad thing?

Get your dressing up boxes, pizza vouchers and money for drinks saved up and ready – term time is not far away folks!