Two letters after her name weren’t nearly enough for Sammy Siddique (BA), and now she’s three months into her Masters in Creative Writing, which means that she gets to access that Postgraduate only bit in the library and feel superior because, hey, she actually has a degree. So what’s life like in the fast lane? Does she really know that much more about the Dos and Donts of University life? Find out in It’s a Postgrad Life, her fortnightly column all about surviving her Masters.

So Christmas has come and gone and I’m already three months into my course.  I actually have quite a lot of writing to do for mid-January and as usual I’m already tearing my hair out.  Now, after three years of studying at Swansea already, you think I would have learnt my lesson already.  But to be honest it’s hard to break the usual cycle of putting off stuff because you’d rather watch/sleep/dance/drink/procrastinate like heck with something other than work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my course, it’s a great way for me to refine my writing – though most of the time I do write like a sarcastic teenager and I rarely write anything serious.  Humour always sneaks in somewhere.  I’ve also slowly gotten back in to writing poetry, which was a challenge because I hate poetry and I can’t write the stuff.  I genuinely think that when we do our class discussions, people try not be scathing about my work and try their very hardest to find something nice to say about it.

So three months in and I haven’t had the greatest start to be honest with you… not after someone crashed in to the side of my car, whiplash, two phones and a camera stolen and two burglaries on top of that, I’m just glad I have such understanding tutors who like me enough to believe me!

I do like being a Postgrad, but I don’t like feeling old.  Cold weather upsets me.  See how I get on in a fortnight when I have no hair left to tear, I’m jacked up on coffee and my eyes have become permanently bloodshot from crying over words that don’t make sense anymore.