Ah Swansea. To be fair, no one’s really come up with a much better description than Dylan Thomas – this ‘ugly, lovely town’ holds a certain charm.Is it the beach? Is it the locals? Or is it just Wind Street? We here at The Siren are big fans of Wales’ second city.

The campus-based University is small compared to others; being small, everyone knows everyone. You’ll find that the girl living down the road from you grew up in a small mining village in the Valleys with your flatmate, while that fella you’ve been eyeing in those lectures had a brief fling with your best friend’s boyfriend. Sometimes it feels like Swansea University’s so close-knit, that the inevitable sexual encounters border on incestual. But we loves it we does.

As an introduction to the blog, we’d like to share some of the reasons we love Swansea…

  • Sin Savers. It’s hot, it’s sweaty and people spill drinks all over you, but Sin City on a Thursday is a night we loathe to miss. Even when the DJ turns down your song request as ‘too mainstream’, and then plays Lady Gaga anyway!
  • The weather is so bad it’s good and makes for more bonding time with your housemates in front of a warm… Xbox.
  • Piling into Surma after a night out and ordering mass amounts of Chicken Tikka Massala and a shameful number of Poppadoms. 4 am curries. You know it makes sense.
  • Living in a town where the best (and most acceptable) procrastination line is: “Beach?”
  • Seeing your mates walk in to a lecture post-Carnage with pen drawings inside their ear or something equally offensive written on their forehead that they haven’t seen yet because they haven’t been home.
  • Playing spot the ‘Walk of Shame’ – plus points for dirt all up their backs, smudged make-up, broken heel(s).

…and those are to name just a few! There are countless reasons to love Swansea… why don’t you share some of yours? E-mail us at thesirenswansea@hotmail.co.uk, or just drop us a line via our Twitter!